GC2 GameChanger Launch Monitor

Our New member of The Pro Shop team. Only 1 word can really describe how good this computer is, Awesome.
A Must for all golfers who are serious about their game and want to play to the very best of their ability.

GC2 – Is a lightweight portable computer which is just a little bigger than a dozen box of golf balls. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Battery lasts for up to 6 hours at a time.

The GC2 is 100% accurate and is used by all leading golf companies and Leading Tour players when they practice indoor or outdoor and have coaching sessions.

Features –

: Exact ball speed – The speed the ball comes off the club at impact
: Launch Angle
: Push/Pull spin rates
: Side spin number
: Total Spin rate
: Total Carry (yards)

Custom Fitting – The GC2 is used on for all custom fitting sessions (indoors & outdoors). Allows us to compare all leading brands and the numbers 100% confirm which suits you the best.

This with the correct lie/length/grip/shaft you will get the very most out of your equipment.
Vital that you get custom fitted with all equipment.

GC2 GameChanger price information

: Custom Fitting Sessions £20.00 (Free of Charge if an order is placed on the day)

: Coaching –
The Masters & Ryder Cup packages featured above
40min with Video & GC2 £25.00

: Hire the GC2- Available for you to hire on the range (subject to conditions)
40min session £12.50
80min session £22.00

: Distance Session with a PGA Team member
30min session £15.00
where you hit 12 shots with each club in your bag. We take the readings and work out your numbers with each club. All club yardages then stored on a little info chart for you to keep in your golf bag for future reference when out on the course.

Watch Graham McDowell Using the GC2 In a fitting exactly like the service we offer!

For all enquiries call the Darlington GC Pro Shop on 01325 355324 (option 2) or on the Direct line 01325 484198 or email to james.cousins@darlington-gc.co.uk