Get a good Golf Grip and save shots!

Why is it important that you Re-grip your Golf clubs?

Your hands are the only contact that you have with the golf club. These control the club face throughout the swing. New grips the correct size will give you better feel so the club will feel comfortable in your hands and this will be beneficial to your golf swing.

It is a fact that many golfers go too long without changing their grips and many will egolf gripven play with the wrong size of grip on there clubs!

One of the biggest faults i see is players Gripping the club too tightly. 90% of the time this is due to the player using worn grips. This causes the muscles in the hands and arms to contract excessively lifting the lowest point of the swing arc which in turn can cause thin and topped shots.

Grip size is also a vital aspect of club fitting
If the grip size is to thin this will cause the hands to be over active causing the club face to close and the ball to hook.
If the grip size is to thick the hands will tend to slow down and not release the club quick enough leaving the club face open and the ball will go out to the right.

Some Grips give you added comfort, some will last longer and give better feel, some are better in hot weather and wet conditions.
All these things must be considered and we will select the correct grip and build them up to the correct size which suits you.

A new set of grips can help you save shots and lower your scores!